Hiking Yanahli with Levi

I’ve gotten behind on posting. I could use the excuse of busyness (and I think I will). Life has gotten in the way and since we’ve moved, the hiking trails are few and far between around here. I have to travel to hike now (and I’m not fond of that).

During a few days off due to a high volume of students sick with the flu at school where I am a teacher’s assistant, Levi and I took a day hike near Columbia, Tn. I enjoy nothing more than spending time on the trails with my son. He loves to camp, hike and spend time outdoors. That’s my love language.

Thankfully, Cub Scouts gives even more reason to get outside and enjoy nature. He’s learning so much about life skills, character development, and citizenship. I’m learning so much about leadership. I highly enjoy scouting. I wished I had been a scout when I grew up but it’s too late to change that now. I refuse to live vicariously through my son but I will thoroughly enjoy while he continues in scouting.

Hope you enjoy this quick day hike with us.


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