Mammoth Cave – First Creek Loop


Another hiking trip with my buddy Jason. We haven’t hiked together in a couple of years and I have been having trouble finding someone to hike in the cold with me. I posted something about it on Facebook a couple of weeks back and he commented he was going after Christmas. So we planned a three-day trip to Mammoth Cave.

The first day made me a little sore simply because I hadn’t walked 7 miles in a while. I had a hard time sleeping. We also tried setting our hammocks up with a ridge line to get that thirty degree angle that is a hammocker’s ideal hang. It was different so that may have had something to do with my lack of sleep. It also rained on us for about an hour the first night so we were a little uncomfortable with the weather and the temperature that it brought.

I also tried a new sleeping bag a friend gave me from the Army. It gets down to minus 10 degrees and is as light as my other sleeping bag. It was a great bag and I stayed nice and toasty inside.

The second day was the roughest because it was blistering cold with the wind reaching twenty mph and we were walking on the ridges most of the time. When we got to camp, we decided to set out hammocks up back near the rocks rather than on the edge of the ridge where the campsite was to keep out of the wind. I slept much better the second night.

We woke up to frigid temps and didn’t bother eating breakfast. We broke camp and got to the cars so we could get to some warmth and a cheeseburger soon.

Hope you enjoy the videos.


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