Wilhoite Mill Trail

Wilhoite Trail

During Fall Break, it is always hard to find something for you child to do when they are bored. It seems that all toys and games have been exhausted and it is up to the creative parent to find them something else to keep their attention. I admit, I fail to spend enough time with my son and I will give no reason or excuse why. I just do. So this week, I knew I would want to get him out and do some day hiking. However, his small legs and feet can only take so much before he tires and wants to go.


I chose a small trail by the Duck River (I refuse to call it the Duck Scenic River because I did’t grow up with that name and think it’s a stupid name). My wife and I used to hike these trails when were dating.


We parked at the trail head and started on the Wilhoite Trail. Hence the reason I called it the Wilhoite Trail. However, the Wilhoite Trail cuts to the left and circles back around. We went right at the fork.  It wasn’t an exciting hike and there is not much to see but it is a good time in the woods and cuts around to the back end of the campground.

IMG_5301Back in the thicket of pines we were pleasantly greeted by a doe and her fawns. They sat staring at us about as much as we stared at them. She would look at us then walk away then turn around and come back to look at us some more. We saw some squirrels also.

It was a good time to hangout. After the walk, we went to the playground at the campsite then the playground at the main park. We then got my state park passport stamped. This is a great program. It encourages you to visit all the state parks and record what you did while you were there. Click on picture to learn more.

TN Park passport

Through the whole trip he kept saying, “Hey Daddy.” It was hilarious. Watch to the very end of the video to hear him.

It was a great day of hiking and visiting my dad and riding in the country. I always loved doing that with my dad. It so good to be able to share those memories while making new ones with my son.


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