Hiking Abram’s Falls

Recently I took a trip for my birthday to the Great Smoky Mountains. I had two objectives: Hike on the Appalachian Trail and visit the Titanic exhibit in Pigeon Forge. I succeeded in visiting the Titanic. It was amazing in itself but even more so because I received a free entrance since I am a teacher.

IMG_5242 IMG_5241

I wasn’t so lucky in my other objective. Minor details held me back from making it to the AT so the alternative was just as good and gave me the opportunity to mark some things off my bucket list.

My wife and our friend are great photographers and they wanted to go to Cade’s Cove so I decided to join them at the Cove and hike back to Abrams Falls. It was a great 2.5 mile hike back and the falls didn’t disappoint (just the hipsters who wouldn’t get out of the way of a great photo shot).


The hike was a slightly easy walk (for those who hike) yet the sign called for a moderate to difficult hike. It had a couple of ascents going but the ascents coming back were far greater. The trail is wide to accommodate for groups of hikers in which there were plenty of those. The weather was perfect; cool enough to sweat from a good workout.


The falls aren’t that large but there is definitely a meditative experience. Gallons of water falling just a few short feet or thousands of feet, either case tends to make one sit in awe and contemplate the meaning of life, the reward of the walk or the   challenge of the return. Some folks sat eating fruit and I smelled the sweet smells and desired some myself. There was a rock perfectly positioned in recliner form to sit back with your feet propped up and watch the falls. It was a highly desired perch so I didn’t sit long to give others the opportunity to experience the natural recliner.


The walk back proved a little more difficult since the climbs were a tad bit steeper. I not only gained entertainment from the hike but those who were walking towards the falls asking me how much further as well as my judgement on every single tourist who has absolutely no inkling of proper hike wear. Blue jeans, flip-flops, flats, hoodies. Then others went to extremes wearing outfits you’d think they just finished running a marathon with all their spandex. It was definitely fascinating.


After I returned from the Falls, I went just a half mile over to Elijah Oliver’s cabin. I met a couple who lives in the area and likes to get away from “life” and hang out at the Cove. They were a very nice couple. One of the reasons I love hiking is you always run into some very nice folks who like to talk. I like to listen So it works.

So that’s my day hike. Hope you enjoyed.


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