Mousetail Landing State Park

Mousetail Landing State Park

This was my first hike alone. It started as 8 miles but I took a mountain bike trail to extend it further. The drive there was nice. I stopped at an Amish store for a sandwich and okra chips. The entrance can sneak up on you but it’s a great State Park and I would love to hike it again… With friends!!!

Mousetail Landing State Park trail map

Most of my commentary is on the video. Some points I’d like to make are:

  • Difficulty: moderate (can be strenuous for some)
  • Miles: roughly 12 miles (this includes hiking mountain bike trails to make a figure 8)
  • Marking: Clearly marked but easily confusing since mountain bike trails criss cross the trail in numerous places
  • Shelter: Stay at shelter #2. Shelter #1 has no view.
  • Terrain: dirt, mossy, rocky; bridges can be slippery if recently rained
  • Water sources: Take plenty of water. Hardly any water unless it rains
  • Trail conditions: Lots of blowdowns and debris on the trail
    • Nothing but ups and downs. Hardly (but some) flat hiking

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