My Favorite YouTube Hikers

I’m a YouTube fanatic. I’m such a fanatic that I have to add the “atic” to the word fan because it has been crucial in me succeeding at many things in my life. I’ve fixed cars, refrigerators, microwaves, plumbing, electrical sockets, lawn mowers, and learned the hobbies of hiking, backpacking, guitar, banjo, and fiddle playing and pipe smoking. YouTube has been fantastic to me and I’m very thankful for those who have been courageous enough to share their abilities and thoughts via the internet so that others may gain free advice.

With that being said, this is a backpacking blog and I am writing this to share a couple of valuable resources to me about backpacking. Without these two YouTubers, I would be practically lost and less entertained. There are some pretty monotonous and lifeless YouTubers who have taken to video to teach a craft only by sharing a barely experienced knowledge. Then others hardly know how to keep your attention. These two do not fall in either category.

The two that I would like to highlight are far from novice and boring. These guys bring an element of entertainment, knowledge, inspiration, compassion and excitement that’s worth giving time to. I have soaked up hours of watching their videos to learn all things backpacking and hammocking. I am forever indebted to them however I’m pretty sure they don’t even know I exist. They have such a cult following, I’m just another anonymous disciple lurking around in their corner of the web.

So enough babble. Let me introduce you to these guys.



From his website: 

When my friend invited me on a backpacking trip for the first time back in 2011, I decided to document my foray into the world of backpacking and hiking on YouTube. Little did I know, backpacking and video production would become an obsession, and along with it, a group of supportive subscribers would encourage me to continue the journey.

My primary interest is all things backpacking, with an emphasis on great views, unique terrain and challenging mileage. Lately, I’ve begun to work on developing an ultralight backpacking system and weight conscious mentality. My main stomping grounds are along the east coast, mainly up and down the Appalachian mountain chain, from Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, through the Shenandoahs, Pennsylvania, New York’s Catskills, Vermont’s Green Mountains, and my personal favorite, the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Syntax77 gives reviews of all things backpacking; meals, gear, trails. When he hikes a trail, he takes loads of gear to video and he also reviews the trip on his website. Along with the video and review, he gives map data that highlights camping areas, interest areas and water areas. He adds a plethora of information and it’s good honest (non-biased) information.

Sintax77 is very entertaining. Along with his occasional cohort Mike (A.K.A. slippakilla) will leave you entertained, as well as informed of great hiking trail, beautiful views, and hammock camping. I am addicted to his videos but I must caution you, they can be long. Upwards to an hour or better. But they are well worth it. Turn the TV off, that is unless you can watch YouTube on it and turn on some Sintax77. His documentaries get better and better with each trip. Great stuff.

Now if I could just find out his real name!

Sintax77 on Youtube

Sintax77 on the web

Sintax77 on Twitter

Sintax77 on Facebook




From Shug’s website:

Sean is also know as “Shug:….his You Tube alter ego. The videos embody his love for getting out into the piney woods backpacking either solo or with friends. His chosen way is to sleep in a hammock under a tarp.

Sean/Shug won the Backpacker Magazine Tough Guy Challenge in 2011and won terrific prizes and pride in beating out many younger fellers. This backpacking passion is the antithesis to being on stage in front of an audience and allows his soul to get a bit of a respite and allows the internal batteries to get re-charged. OK….that sounded good but really I just want to get away and act like an 11 year old))))))

Shug is simply… HILARIOUS! He’s an entertainer. No really. That’s his day job. Professionally trained with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Shug is one of the most in-demand entertainers for fairs, festivals, and corporate events around the country. When he’s not performing, Sean teaches circus arts at the University of Minnesota and also offers a workshop — Introduction to Antic Arts — to schools, libraries, and community events. So he’s got some serious funny and he knows how to bring it too.

If it wasn’t for Shug, I’d still be sleeping on the ground in a tent waking up every morning with severe back pain. I watched ever tutorial and trip video of his to gain an appreciation for all things hammock. Everything I have learned about camping in a hammock I have learned from this guy.

This guy can flip personalities with the drop of a hat. One minute he’s being himself, then the camera cuts and he’s doing his impression of Carl from Slingblade, then he becomes Irish, Scottish, redneck. I mean you name it and he’ll do an impression as he’s giving you a tutorial about whoopie slings. Whoo Buddy!!!!

I dare you to watch one video and I promise you will be hooked and want to watch EVERY video and begging him to make more. He’ll keep you in stitches all the while giving you great wisdom in gear and trails. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to all things hiking, backpacking and hanging in a hammock. Subscribe today!

Shug on YouTube

Shug on Google+

Shug on the web

To Sintaxx77 and Shug: I thankee. I am very much forever indebted to your wisdom and entertainment!




5 thoughts on “My Favorite YouTube Hikers

  1. One thing I can say negatively about Sintax77 is that he is very selective on who he responds to. If the response includes glorifying his gear or himself he responds with enthusiasm. Other than then that he will ignore you. I find him to be very ignorant and self centered. I’ll have to admit, his videos are great! I became addicted to them as well. However, once I really looked into his work and his rapport with his followers that is the conclusion that I came up with. I originally liked his videos so much I changed my internet handle to Index74. While I was in the Army, when we completed our mission all the Sargeants got together to Index the mission with a cigar and I was born in 1974. So it fits me well. I’m glad to have seen his videos and they are entertaining and inspiring, but as a person I question his sincerity.

    • I’m a pretty positive guy. I have experienced no replies to my comments too but I don’t take offense. Those guys have so many people commenting I think they have to be selective. I hate that you had that experience. That’s why I try to reply to everyone. Of course I don’t have the audience he has so it makes it easier. I’ve just come to the conclusion not to comment and I’ll always feel better. I love their videos because I’ve learned so much plus it gives me an opportunity to live vicariously through them when I can’t get outside. I wouldn’t take his absence of comments personally. Just enjoy the videos, take what you can use and move on. On that note, thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I do appreciate my audience.

      Btw, thank you for your service!

      • You’re very welcome. I guess I took it a little personal. I invited him to join us on a hike and I thanked him for the videos, ideas, and insight. I never even got a thanks, but no thanks. Not to mention he didn’t even respond since I glorified his cunning and budget ideas. Oh well, maybe I’m expecting too much. I was really looking forward to a response and was irritated when he didn’t. Especially when he responded to the lady after me since he would get a chance to brag about his hammock. Thank you for responding I very much appreciate it!

  2. Hi!! I too have spent countless hours watching Shug and Sintax77 and have been inspired by both of them to get outside every chance I get. I do have to say, Shug is my favorite. My husband one day told me, “babe, you know Shug isn’t your friend, right?” LOL Boy, I wish he were!! I am so thankful for all that he shares with us. I love hanging in my hammock because of him. Whooo Buddy!!!

    I’m glad I ran across your blog entry. Thanks for sharing

    • Well Paige, too bad I’m not your favorite. 😉 Just kidding. They both have taught me practically everything I know with the exception of my own experiences now but when I was getting started, I studied their videos as if they were writing the bible.

      Shug is fun too watch mostly because he makes a living at entertaining. I can’t help but when I do my videos, there has to be a Woo Buddy in there and I have to give props to Sintax making comments about getting a cheeseburger when I’m done.

      Thanks for watching my videos and reading my blog. Much appreciation.

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