Short Rotary Park Hike

Today, I took advantage of a client canceling on me to head to the trail and get some conditioning in for my 60 miler coming up in March. Today’s hike was not leisurely at all yet there were moments that I did have to stop to enjoy the moment.

One moment came as I was walking and it felt like I was immediately walking on the beach because I could hear what sounded like the surf by the creek. As I stopped to look around, I noticed it was lots of robins moving leaves around I suppose looking for food. Hundreds of birds doing this made a sound that was easing and relaxing just like laying on the beach with your eyes closed.

Mid way is an old tobacco barn. This is where I always stop for a breather and water (and a Twix bar if I have one). As I stood there listening to the songbirds, I pulled out my phone with the songbird app on it and tried to compare the sounds I was hearing with the app.

Further, as I was walking I looked up and saw a pink dog. Well… Not really. As soon as my eyes focused I realized it was a dog with a insulated blanket on. Behind it was her owners, an elderly couple. We stopped for a moment to talk. He asked me what I carried in my bag since I had my backpack on. After I told him, we talked about bear canisters because he used to hike the Sierras. I immediately was jealous.

I always feel like when I speak to someone who’s hiked one of the three big trails, PCT, AT, CDT, that I’m not “hiker” enough. That’s like saying just because I haven’t preached a revival or led some major outreach that I’m not Christian enough.

We parted ways and I returned to the truck. I turned what normally is a two hour hike into one hour and fifteen minutes. I was working to get a good blood flow and sweat going.

Good hike!



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