Finding God In the Creative Process

ten com 10_ess_art

When I wrote Faith Debugged, a moving creative idea showed me the parallel of God’s armor and the safety equipment I used in pest control. I was taken back when I realized that some of the actions or tools I used could very well be paralleled with God and His word. In the same way, as I compile evidence of God in the world of backpacking and hiking, I can begin to see through the creative process where God has intertwined himself through every facet.

When one begins to learn the outdoor adventures of slapping a 30 pound pack on your back and grab a walking stick and begin to walk in the woods to experience all of creation, he/she needs to learn of the ten essentials in order to be successful at surviving such endeavors. They are:

1. Navigation

2. Sun protection

3. Insulation

4. Illumination

5. First-aid supplies

6. Fire

7. Repair kit and tools

8. Nutrition

9. Hydration

10. Emergency shelter

These Ten Essentials easily stand parallel to the Ten Commandments in God’s word. Also, when we consider the Ten Essentials, we narrow them down to the Three Fundamentals:

  1. Sleep System
  2. Cook Kit
  3. Shelter

Biblically we can narrow the Ten Commandments to Three Fundamentals:

  1. God
  2. Others
  3. You

When I learned that both backpacking and my faith had Ten Essentials and Three Fundamentals I was blown away. God is truly amazing when He reveals Himself to us… In EVERYTHING!


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