Walking Backwards

This morning I woke up with anticipation. I’m about to hike an overnight loop I’ve been wanting to do for some time. It’s cold outside and I’m sure to feel some discomfort in that but I’m still excited. As I began to waken, I just had this thought come across my mind of living life walking backwards, in a way of saying sometimes folks think a trail needs to be hiked one way but you miss so much when you do.

The more I thought of this unique way of looking at the trail, I was greeted by the Holy Spirit with some scripture that tells us the last shall be first and the first, last (Mat. 20:16 NIV) or that God uses the weak to confound the strong (1 Cor. 1:27). In each of these verses we look at the world in unique ways. Ways that the world seems to laugh. If you want to lead you must serve (Mark 10:45). That’s crazy but God’s ways are truly higher than ours so I bet there’s some sense to that.

On the trail, I’ve earned that a trail can be so beautiful but indeed if you don’t hike it occasionally the other way, you miss some things. We tend to think life looks a certain way but as soon as we hike it the opposite way, we can see there is so much beauty still to be seen. It actually becomes another hike instead.  I’m sure NOBOs (Northbounders) see a very beautiful trail hiking the Appalachian Trail but I would be willing to bet the SOBOs (Southbounders) see a very different trail, one that NOBOs can agree to an extent but there  eyes simply lay on things and see them differently.

In life, we can get caught up hiking like everyone else does and not ever see the beauty of life hiking it backwards. God says to be in the world but not of the world (Romans 12:1-2). He encourages us in order to live life, hike backwards. If we want to be strong, be strong in God and not “lord” our strength over others. If we want to be leaders, serve everyone. Lookout for others interests before our own (Philippians 2:4). If we want to be godly people, be humble and not proud.

I’m willing to lay my life on the line to see the trail in a new fresh way and hike life backwards, not the the way the world hikes. I bet God has hidden so much in the view and experience that walking backwards makes it well worth it.

Happy trails!



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