Hats Off to Yellowstone’s Volunteers!

Why in the heck do people throw coins in something that’s NOT a bonafide wishing well, if there such thing as a bonafide wishing well. Just keep that mess at your local theme park and quit throwing coins in natural springs and waterways. Wow!

Homeschool Rangers

Some of you may remember an earlier article I posted showing one of many hats that wound up in one of the thermal features at Yellowstone National Park last summer.  Anyone else who’s been there likely knows how a sudden gust of wind can quickly take back that souvenir hat you just bought at the last village you recently visited.  Well, that article prompted a nice reply from Ranger Beth at Yellowstone who sent my son and me some detailed information about how the park goes about extracting those hats and other objects that get “misplaced” in the thermal features at Yellowstone.  It’s a very interesting behind-the-scenes look at how much work is required by park staff and volunteers to keep we the visitors from loving our parks to death through bad luck, negligence, or simple overuse.  Read on, and be sure to thank any volunteer you see performing such work…

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