Another Rotary Park Hike

Rotary Park is where I go when I want to hike and see an occasional person too. When I don’t want to see anyone, I’ll go on Ft. Campbell Army Post. My wife had a birthday party to go to so I took the occasion to do a four mile hike. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve been out because I started college. I grabbed my gear this time only weighing 25 lb. and headed to the park. I didn’t know that it would take me an hour to get there since Clarksville was having a huge Toy Ride where over a thousand motor cycle riders gathered for raising awareness and toys for kids.

Rotary Park Map

Once I got there I decided to mix it up and go backwards the way I normally go. There are easily 6-7 miles of trails and I’ll sometimes walk in different ways to give me more views or different scenery. On this trip nothing exciting happened except catching a girl with her pants down because she was too far from a port-a-potty. She apologized over and over and I just laughed it off. When nature calls…. There were a few folks out there with their dogs unleashed and most of them were fine but one of them acted like they were upset when they saw me because they had to put the leash on the dog. You’re not supposed to have your pets unleashed but we all know when you get a ways from the park area everyone unleashes their dogs. It didn’t bother me but she seemed upset about it.

The air was full of white flower seedlings flowing from all the prickly lettuce plants in the area. It was beautiful to the site to look off the ridge and see the sky full but it was crazy on my nose. The trail was great to be back on even if it was a local park. Just to get out there and hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing and feel the pack on my back, smell the Gold Bond I keep in the top zipper, my walking stick in my hand and the dirt under my feet. I love hiking.

I took a break by the stream to drink Hawaiian Punch and eat a Cliff Bar and relax for a moment. Two hours on the trail is enough to satisfy but I can’t wait to get back out and do an overnighter. I’m thinking November then in March, I’m still counting on doing 70 miles at Land Between the Lakes.

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A three minute walk in the woods if you care to watch.


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