The 5 ‘Please Don’ts’ of Lightweight Backpacking for Beginners – Mistakes to Avoid

Meaning of Lite

So, here you are. You drank the Kool-Aid so to speak and are convinced that lightweight backpacking is the way to go. Well, congratulations because you are right! Going light on the trail takes away unnecessary aches and pains and trades them in for more enjoyment and fun. But only if you do it right.

Too many of us have learned the hard way when just starting out. The good news is that because we did all the dirty work for you, you don’t have to. (Lucky!) So let’s jump right in and get you educated so that you can avoid the all too common lightweight backpacking rookie mistakes.

1. Please don’t buy a lightweight backpack…but continue to carry heavy gear.

Countless lightweight packs forever reside in the backs of the storage closets or in dank, forgotten corners of unfinished basements after just one trip. Why? Well, allow us to fill…

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