Hiking Rotary Park


One of the places that I frequently hike in Clarksville is at Rotary Park. They have some great trails and you can turn a few of the loops into about five miles. The other morning I knew for some reason my client would back out on our meeting so I carried my backpack filled to about 45 lb. for practice. I will be doing a 70 mile hike in March of 2014 so I am conditioning my body to carry weight for long distance.

It had been raining for a few days previous so the trails were a little muddy. One of the things that made it a great hike was nobody was there and typically it’s a popular place for folks to be so I had the trails all to myself. Not a single soul on them but me.

It was a humid day so I sweated buckets but drank lots of water to keep hydrated. There were a few blown down trees across the trail on the high side. I saw a bush with some butterflies and took a minute to enjoy them. I also had a hummingbird do a touch and go on my head. He swept down and tapped my head and kept on flying. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen. The back loop where not many people go had a few spider webs across the trail and I took the unforeseen opportunity to take those down with my face. I did jump a few times because they were some scary looking spiders I ran into. Thankfully they didn’t attack me for destroying their food traps.

It never fails when I get out on the trail God blesses me with His creation. I love seeing animals in their natural habitat. One thing I haven’t seen too much of are snakes. I reckon that’s ok too. For lunch, I sat by the creek and enjoyed the sounds while I chewed on a Cliff bar and drank some kool-aid.

When I got near the side of the park they had been doing some tree clearing, I got lost because the trail is not very clear. They had to reroute the trail and I suppose they’re still working on it. I had to back track to find how to get back on track.

I always enjoy hiking Rotary Park. It’s got enough difficulty to it to break a sweat and it’s local enough to get in and out of there quickly.

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