Short Legs!

Great blog on shortening long distances into smaller legs to make a long trip more manageable. Start Point, Route Features, End Point, and Catchment Feature.

Uk Backpacker

Short legs don’t refer to my legs, it refers to one of the primary navigation techniques that I use. If you are still interested, then read on!

The above map is the planned route I used for climbing Mount Snowdon. How does one even begin to follow such a complex route when one is on the ground?


The answer is to break the route down into very short manageable legs.

Short legs enable one to concentrate on only a small part of the route at a time. So what is a short leg?

The overall defining characteristic of a short leg is that it must be a relatively short part of one’s overall route. Shorter legs mean that one doesn’t have to remember too many details and also helps ensure that if one gets locationally challenged, the overall area of uncertainty will be very small. From here on in…

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