Practice Hike

I went on a practice hike in my neighborhood. I walked a mile since it was my first practice. I really didn’t plan to walk a mile. I just took off and went where my feet carried me. That’s a true hike, lol. It took me around 25 minutes so I suppose I was walking at about 2 mph. I know I won’t be able to keep that steady pace up when I go to LBL. My plan is 15 miles in and 15 miles out. If I was to keep the steady pace it could easily be done in 7-8 hours each day. I’m giving myself at least three extra hours to rest, snack and take in the scenery.

My pack weighed in at about 40 lb.  There is no way I can get that any lighter at the moment without spending a gazillion dollars on lightweight gear. Some of that will be in Carrie’s bag when we both go but when I go in three weeks I’m gonna have to take it all. I haven’t gotten everything I need so I had to add a few books to the pack. I added two of my biggest thickest books. My Systematic Theology book and my American History 500 page book. That’s some good reading. Lol

As I practiced today, there were a few things that came to mind. First, it wasn’t bad. The pack didn’t move on me and it stayed quite nicely tight to my back. No issues there. It was cold. At 32 degrees and I only had my Columbia jacket on with two T-shirts underneath. My nose is running but I did have some Chapstick because the cold wind was up.

About fifty yards from the house, I could feel a slight tension behind my left shoulder-blade. Interesting to see how that pans out. I’m going to try three or four miles in the next few days.

My feet WILL hurt. They hurt anyway and I’m well aware that I won’t be taking the appropriate footwear. My feet did start to feel a little bit of soreness just in that small walk. I’m actually a little concerned about that. But finances are way too far off for me to afford some hiking shoes. So I’m gonna have to deal.

My hip gave me a tad of a bother but that’s been bothering me for a few days so I expected that as I got out. Hopefully, I can work that out before it’s time to go out for the hike.

All in all, I would say it wasn’t bad. Can’t wait to do it again. Really cant wait to get to LBL.


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