Another Practice Hike

The Riner Family

Greenway 5

I was supposed to meet with a client this morning but he canceled on me so I decided to take the opportunity to take another practice hike. This time, four miles at the Greenway here in Clarksville. I grabbed my pack and headed out in this cold weather. It was a whopping 28 degrees this morning. The wind made it a little bit more chilly. I popped on a podcast and slung the 40 lb. on my back and started walking.

I walked 2 miles in 45 minutes at about 2-3 mph. I walked a little faster probably due to the fact I was listening to a podcast and not paying attention to my surroundings nor was I listening to my body. When I got to the two-mile marker. I sat my pack down and took about a 7 minute break. I drank some water and listened to the birds…

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